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Learn an Arabic dialect.

You spent months and money learning Modern Standard Arabic hoping that you will be able to communicate flawlessly with your in-laws, spouse, business partner, or Arab friends, but that never really worked? This is exactly why we built ArabicDialects.

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Dialect courses and immersion programs

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Learn it fast

Use our amazing eLearning tools to quickly learn how to understand, read, and speak any dialect.

Real Life Situations

We don't waste time teaching you something you don't or will never need.

Mobile Courses

You can learn at home, at the cafe, on the airplane, or while you're riding a bus in a foreign country.

Certified Dialect Teachers

All our teachers, tutors, and content creators are certified and experienced professionals.

Online Meetings

Enjoy working with friendly local tutors online.

In-Person Tutors

We help you pick the perfect tutor to meet with you in over 200 cities around the globe!

Teach your child an Arabic dialect

Arabic Dialects is the only platform offering specialized and customized Arabic dialect classes for children under 14 years of age.

Learn a dialect today

Pick one, two, or any number of dialects and learn them all without having to spend a fortune!

Save Up to 50%


One dialect

eLearning access

Video classes

Audio classes


Interactive Book ($80 value)



Private Tutor


Everything in "Self-learner", plus:

Private tutor

Homework and syllabus

Culture classes


Special Classes


Everything in "Private Tutor", plus:

Unlimited dialects

Specialized and On Demand courses (Business, Journalism, and more)

24/7 Support

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